Is there a budget restriction?
There is no budget restriction, but all expenses should be justified. 

Do we have to cater to one cause?
No. Justify why you are catering to a cause

Do we need an exit strategy?
You do not need a specific exit strategy, but you should definitely come up with a 5-year plan and have an idea for how sustainable your game will be in the long term.

Can we partner with another video game company?
Make reasonable estimates of licensing costs and be able to justify.

Do we pay for the development of the game?
Assume that the game development costs are already covered

Can we create a new initiative?

What is the time to develop the game?
Assume that the game will be ready for market within 1 year. 

Can we use promotional strategies?

Are we going to put up a rubric?
We will post up presentation pointers before the presentations.

Can we incorporate another existing theme or idea into our game? If you incorporate existing ideas you must account for legal aspects.