What is a Case Study Competition?

A case study competition is a competition in which participants use their analytical and creative skills to find a solution to a challenging business problem or opportunity. The Roden Scholars' Case Study Competition will feature a technology-oriented case, where participants be presented with a technological product or service and will be tasked with figuring how this product or service can be implemented in an existing business or organization. Each team should include technological, financial, marketing, social and/or legal analysis/implications of their final solution. The competition will allow students the freedom to hone their specific skills sets to solve a business case in an interdisciplinary environment!


    Four UT undergraduates students on a team
Each team must have at least one  student in the Cockrell School of Engineering

•    A written business plan/proposal detailing your solution to the business problem
Preliminary and final round of presentations

Time Constraints
•    4 weeks

Info session slide show

In case you missed both info sessions, please find below the slide show that was used to present. It has some important information about the competition.

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